Thursday, February 8, 2007

AT LAST: Lost S3ep7!!!

Well, we made it Lost fans. 13 weeks and now the continuation of season 3. I only hope it gets better.

1. So, Juliet was not born on the island like Ben. She was brought to it. Seduced by a hunky man with promises of top research and Ethan makes another appearance. She was also held captive. Clearly, she was brought to help The Others have kids and increase their numbers. Was Ethan driving that bus that killed her ex-husband?? I think we all agree Mr. Albert didn't forget that comment. We know The Others are determined to have their way and will stoop to anything to get it, even murder. But how did she get there?

2. So either Alex is really the daughter of Ben or the daughter of Rousseau (sp?). I'm betting that she's the daughter of Rousseau but brought up to believe Ben is her father. Or Ben got Rousseau pregnant and both statements are true. Although I think Rousseau said in Season 1 that she was pregnant when they were marooned.

3. Tom was hitting on Jack!! I hope they continue that story line because it would be highly interesting.

4. Are we ever going to get back to the other survivors? I want to hear more about Hurley, Charlie, Claire, Desmond, Locke, Sayid, et al. Please please please can we take a break from the Alcatraz island for at least one whole episode?!

5. The Others seem more and more like a cult. Brainwashing and sensory deprivation? Experiments? I'll be disappointed if it turns out The Others are funded by members. I'm not quite sure what I'm hoping for but a cult seems too easy an answer.

6. Speaking of, where are the answers we've been promised! All we seem to be getting are more questions. I want answers dammit!

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