Friday, January 26, 2007

Grey's Anatomy S3ep13

1. Great Expectations. Surgeons aren't the only ones that have them. I don't think there is a person in this world that at one point didn't have expectations of greatness for his/her life. It may not be to become a surgeon, maybe a humanitarian, teacher, leader, police officer or to defend your country, start your own business, make a scientific discovery or publish a book. Whatever my expectations, or as I like to think of them...dreams, I hope never to give them up. Because like Miranda, it gives me something to hold onto, to believe in when the daily grind gets to me.

2. Izzie's face when George came out of the bedroom was hilarious! You could tell what she was thinking: Congratulations Callie!

3. Miranda's free clinic is allowing her to be both a surgeon and a person who cares, which she realized last week when she had trouble reintubating George's dad. She's more like Izzie than I think she cared to admit before. She still hasn't admitted it to other people, but she's come to grips with it herself which of course is the first step. And of course, Izzie found her good cause.

4. Wow Amish parents, no wonder they left. Kidding aside though, you have to admire a group of people who refuse to give up their beliefs and morals because technology is dragging us farther and farther from simpler lives. You can always tell the good parents, because they come no matter what the circumstances.

5. How funny it was to see them all act like children when they realized the Chief was retiring. All of a sudden, even if they didn't think they deserved it or they would do the job the way it should be done, they were in the race because it was a race and they wanted to win. The Chief is right, none of them are front runners.

6. "I've never done this before" so reminds me of Monica and Chandler on Friends and their first fight when Monica realizes the reason why Chandler never had a relationship longer than two weeks.

7. Poor Chief. I had an idea when he started the decision to retire and get Adele back that this would happen. And he had such a perfect day!

8. Christina grew a little bit in this episode, and I'm glad to see it. She caved and admitted defeat. Such a hard thing for her to do. But she's realized it's not always about winning.

9. HOLY CRAP!!!! Two proposals?????!!!!!!! What are they trying to do to us!!! Are they both going to say yes? Are they both going to say no? Is one going to say yes and the other no? My gut reaction is that Christina will say yes and Callie no. But then my more rational side says it will be vica versa. Christina's grown a lot since the beginning of the show and she admitted being in it for the long haul; on the other hand, I'm not sure Christina is the marrying kind. Callie and George just got back together, she might not be ready for such a commitment; on the other hand, she's so intensely into him. Either way I definitely there will be at least one wedding. What do you guys think?

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