Thursday, January 18, 2007

Grey's Anatomy S3ep12

1. According to the official podcast of Grey's Anatomy, the title "Six Days" is so because the episode is split into six acts, or days. In TV world episodes are in six acts because there are six commercial breaks. We were introduced to each day with those dang red sheets.

2. So Addison did abort Mark's baby. It really wasn't that big a surprise. What was surprising is that deep down, Mark wasn't that hurt by it. But maybe he wanted a baby not because that would mean he beat Derek but because he wanted the family he didn't have growing up. That would have been more interesting.

3. No matter how old we get and no matter how much we think we know, sometimes you still need someone to talk you through something. Miranda needed the Chief for support while she reintubated George's dad. Even the best of us still get nervous sometimes.

4. The scene with George shaving his dad and confessing was so touching. Why do we feel the need to purge ourselves of our secrets in those situations? Guilt, maybe. Even after 20 years or so, the guilt of our actions can encourage us to confess our acts to our parents. And I bet you nine times out of ten they already know.

5. There was a daddy theme running through tonight's and last week's episode. George's daddy issues, Meredith's daddy issues, Mark and his daddy issues, even Burke who serves as a father figure to George. Last week his dad told him his family didn't get him, that Callie did. Well, so does Burke, and George looks up to him and goes to him for advice, like a father.

6. I've got to be honest. I cried while watching this episode. No, it was more like weeped or sobbed. You know the kind that leaves your eyes dry and your head hurting. I imagine I'm not the only one either for if anyone has had to make the decision to take a loved one off of life support this episode probably hit really close to home. I didn't have to make the decision, but my mom and her brothers did. And I'm telling you it's not an easy one. Nor is it easy waiting because it doesn't always happen that quickly.

7. Addison and Alex: NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!! Make it stop please!

8. In case you haven't heard, in the press room after the Golden Globes on Monday, Isaiah Washington denied flat out calling T.R. Knight a "fa--ot". The very next day, T.R. was on Ellen saying that he did. Katherine Heigl has expressed anger over the denial. Isaiah apparently came out today with an apology for using the word Monday evening and has "asked for help" in uncovering his own issues. ABC also says they are addressing his actions. Shonda Rimes, as much as this pains me to say, please get rid of the man.

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