Wednesday, January 17, 2007

51% of Women Live Without Spouses

Here's an article that appeared in the New York Times yesterday on how more women are leaving without spouses compared to those that are. This is due to women waiting longer to get married, living with a non-spouse longer, living longer than spouses and waiting longer after divorce to get remarried. I find this fascinating consider I'm one of the 51%. I had read something a month or so ago about how the housing market is starting to target single women more because they're finally realizing the buying power and determination of single women. Also, there's the "right hand ring" ad campaign by DeBeers (I believe, I could be wrong on the company) targeting single women to buy diamond rings themselves basing their argument that women don't need men to buy them diamonds. All in all, very fascinating and I feel very fortunate to be a single woman during these trends.

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