Friday, December 1, 2006

Grey's Anatomy S3ep10

1. "I should never have had a kid" I can only imagine how rough it must be to have a mother with Alzheimer's. I have a couple friends with relatives that suffer from the disease and I know how hard it is on them. It must be so hard to hear your mother say "I should never have had a kid" even if she doesn't know what year it is and who you are.

2. Conjoined adult twins. What an interesting case. Talk about your separation anxiety. You spend 20, 30 years attached to your brother and then in one day you're not anymore and you find out your fiance is in love with him. What a range of emotions. They were hilarious.

3. Go Izzie, for standing up to McSteamy, well at least the first time anyway. And although she caved the second time, she still put him in his place for not acting in a way that garners respect. Sloane is the kind of guy that has to learn the hard way. If you pander to his petty requests, he'll never get it. And maybe we are beginning to see a mend in his friendship with McDreamy? There was a brief moment during the surgery where they bonded in a way that I imagine to be like the old times. I'd like to see them friends. I think it would be an interesting storyline.

4. Has Burke's tremor and subsequent blame on Derek, hurt McDreamy's confidence in himself? I think it might have. And of course, Miranda came in, told the truth, and saved the day.

5. Meredith doesn't want to be close to her stepfamily. I get it. But I think she feels guilty for knowing them, that she's betraying her mom if she gets close to them. She also might have a slight issue with the stepmom being there and supporting her daughter. Her mom wasn't, and here's the woman married to her dad, mother to her half-sisters, being what she needed and didn't get. It's completely understandable.

6. George has always had issues. But lately they've taken a nasty turn as George has become dark and twisty himself. I get the Christina and Burke thing, a certain amount of trust was lost, along with his doe-eyed worshipping of Burke (but then I think almost everyone's lost that now). And he's having trouble coping with his dad's illness. What angers me is his treatment of Callie. As creepy as I think she is, no one deserves that. They were broken up. She slept with McSteamy to try to get over him. It wasn't a personal attack on him and yet he acts like it is. Thank goodness his dad straightened him out a little bit. Although George hasn't admitted it out loud yet, I'm hoping he's starting to realize where the real issue lies and will return to his normal, lovable self instead of the spiteful jerk he's become.

7. I'm so glad Burke got yelled at by the Chief. It's only fair. He didn't kill anyone true, but he was taking tremendous risk because he didn't have the guts to admit a weakness. But finally, he's taking his part of the blame and is going to let McDreamy try to fix his hand. And Christina got on the elevator with them. Maybe there's hope for the two of them yet. If that's so, maybe this whole thing with the tremor will serve to help them get over their major issues and stay together. Although I think the immediate road is going to be rocky, maybe they'll turn a corner.

8. On the whole, I thought this episode was mediocre. But the best thing about the whole hour: Miranda. She was incredible and not just her character, but the acting job by Chandra Wilson was phenomenal. Just fraktastic! She seemed so angry at the Chief for not punishing Christina and Burke, and she seemed angry with the two of them. All of which I think is true. She was angry with all of them. But I think she was more angry with herself. Out of five interns, she's now failed two, at least in her mind. But this time rather than doubt her skills as a doctor, she's angry and she's not afraid to show it. And her truth-teller: the Chief. What a great scene between the two of them. So touching and such raw emotion!

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