Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Lost S3ep6

13 weeks til more Lost! Anyone know of any support groups?

1. When Kevin first called Kate Monica, I thought she was in a long con. But I guess she really loved him. Question: is a marriage legal if you sign the license under an assumed name? I would guess no. I think she made her way to Sydney after she left Kevin. I was laughing out loud when the priest was talking about "what you see is what you get" with Monica/Kate. Irony. What a beautiful thing. I like that the Lost writers can inject bits of humor in the show, otherwise it would be just too intense.

2. Speaking of humor, you just gotta love Sawyer's line "How was your day honey?" You can always count on Sawyer to provide a nice one-liner to break up the tension.

3. With Sayid and Locke facing off in tonight's episode, I think a power struggle among the Survivors is inevitable. With Jack gone, it makes the most sense. And why it didn't happen until now, at first the Suriviors were trying to figure out what happened at the Hatch and then if there were survivors. Then they were chasing after Eko, twice. There wasn't time for a power struggle but now there is especially since the chaos of the Hatch implosion seems to have died down a bit.

4. When Kate broke out and opened the door to Sawyer's cage, why didn't the alarm sound? If I'm not mistaken when Carl escaped in the first episode, an alarm was going off. So why not this time? Did the Others turn it off for a reason? Trying to give Pickett a reason to kill Sawyer? He seems to have fixated on Sawyer for a reason I can't gather. I get his wife died and was shot by a Survivor. But it wasn't Sawyer. Why take that much rage out on Sawyer? Unless he just doesn't like his attitude. He is the kind of guy you love to hate and hate to love.

5. Speaking of Kate and Sawyer's steamy scene (woohoo, I was right!), did anyone else notice Kate's armpits sans hair? They've been on the island, what, 71 days? And she's managed to maintain armpit hair management? That doesn't seem realistic. I mean the guys have scruff. Okay so the Hatch's bathroom more than likely had a razor and she could have shaved there. However, it's been probably a week, give or take a couple days, since she was last there. And I don't know about the rest of you, but if I stopped shaving my armpits for a week they wouldn't look that clean shaven. But I guess the scruff is more attractive to women that hairy armpits are to men.

6. When Alex was asking to talk to Ben, and then Ben asked about her before surgery, it got me to thinking: the Others took Alex away from Rousseau when she was a child and her dad was dead. I think there's a distinct possibility that Ben is a sort of surrogate father for her. Which would make the case for her being a Rebel very weak, if a group of Rebels do exist.

7. Does anyone remember that story Jack told Kate on the first day at the beach? I can't remember for the life of me. Crap!

8. I think this show was a little lacking in the cliffhanger. It did not leave me with an angry or upset feeling because they ended and we don't know what happens to Sawyer, Kate and if Jack continues to save (or not) Ben's life. But I'll give it a break because it is only the "fall finale". BTW - I heard that in episode 8 we'll see Cindy and the kids from the tail section and what's been happening to them since they were kidnapped.

9. ABC is getting sneaky, very sneaky. Putting Lost sneak peeks on Daybreak to try to get people to watch it. The show doesn't interest me at all. I didn't like Groundhog Day or Tru Calling. So if anyone sees those clips online, please pass them along.

10. Mark your calendars: February 7! 16 weeks, all new!!!

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