Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Lost S3ep5

1. Okay so I was way wrong. Eko died - seriously?!?! We don't even know why he was in Sidney going to LA. So now we don't get to find that out. And the survivors have lost some major strength that was on their side and another tracker. But he was apparently building the church on the island to make it up to his brother. And if his "brother" wasn't his brother, who was he? The black cloud in corporeal form? That black cloud sounds like it's a machine. It's not making any sense. Maybe that black cloud has something to do with why The Others are there. They're somehow supposed to be harnassing and controlling what seems to be, I don't think supernatural is the right word but hopefully you're getting my point.

2. The Others apparently follow the (I think it's Asian in general) custom of wearing white to funerals. And not just white but matching outfits. Is anyone else beginning to think it's some kind of cult?

3. "Don't mistake coincidence for fate" Locke to Desmond. Man I love Locke - believing they're on the island for specific reasons. It adds a whole other level to the show that it wouldn't be the same without.

4. I laughed out loud when Jack told Ben he didn't believe in mysteries. Here we have a show entirely built on mysteries and one of the main characters doesn't believe in them. Irony

5. So The Others can figure out that Juliet bears a resemblance to Sarah. But they can't get the latest technology. They have TVs, computers, VHS but those are all really, really dated. But I guess they don't have a neighborhood Best Buy from which to buy the big screen HD TVs or DVD players or Macs.

6. The guy with the eyepatch was scary. Is he an Other? Or part of the Dharma Initiative? Or something else entirely? For now I'm going to go with Other.

7. The most intriguing part of this episode was Juliet's "movie". What exactly has Ben done that would cause a revolution? He's not exactly winning any Mr. Congeniality awards but he's clearly a leader of some sorts. And who else is part of this mini-revolution? Pickett (sp?), Tom, Carl? Is that why Carl was being held in that other cage across from Sawyer? Ben discovered some treason within the ranks? Is Alex apart of that? She seemed to be close to Carl and she helped Claire to escape. It doesn't seem fair that after next week we have to wait another 13 weeks before we get new Lost episodes and hopefully some answers that they've been promising.

8. Did you see the steamy scenes with Sawyer and Kate for next week? H-O-T, HOT! Although it's the last one for a while, I can't wait!

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