Thursday, November 9, 2006

Grey's Anatomy S3ep7

1. "Where the Boys Are" - Where exactly are the boys? Let's take a brief look. Burke is desperately trying to hold onto everything he knows and while not revealing his secret. Alex is at a crossroads, having been told last week by McSteamy his career in plastics is over and denying to himself he just might be interested in gynecology. The Chief is stubborn and can't let go of the hospital refusing to think that it might just operate okay without him. Joe, well we don't see much of him and I think we've only seen Walter once, so those two are the only boys who are in a good place. George having finally figured out he wants Callie is having trouble finding a way to express that and get her back. McDreamy wants space. And McSteamy, he wants to change, but he doesn't know how. He followed a woman he might have loved in his own way to Seattle and now she doesn't want him. His best friend refuses to acknowledge him and he can't get a fresh start.

2. I loved Izzie's comparison of the boys' camping trip to the girls' slumber party. So true and I had never thought of it that way. But because it was a boys' "slumber party" there was a slap fight instead of a pillow fight. They fished instead of doing each other's hair and nails. And of course, they gossiped about the girls.

3. The Chief is so clueless! He really does get wrapped up so much in that hospital that he doesn't pay attention to anything else really. Although it was terribly cute when he was comparing his relationship with Adele to Joe and Walter and bonding with him.

4. Best scene: when McSteamy walks into the breakroom with Callie and Addison and it's extremely uncomfortable. Addison gets it quickly and McSteamy avoids eye contact. Well played all around!

5. Best line: "Are you too good for him," Dr. Bailey. "Yes, I mean no," Christina.

6. How ironic that the perkiest (and regular) character on the show is annoyed by uber-perky Sydney. Or maybe Sydney forces Izzie to face how she's really feeling while everyone else seems to abide by the unspoken rule of ignoring it,and that makes Izzie uncomfortable until she's actually ready.

7. How heartbreaking it must be to go through the pain and agony of childbirth only to deliver a baby who's already dead. Beautiful acting. And I loved the bonding between Addison and Callie. Two very strong women dealing with a case that could break anyone emotionally. And they were there for each other.

8. McSteamy had the perfect case for him. Here you have a man wanting to change who he is on the outside being operated on by a man who wants to change who he is on the inside. I firmly believe this is the real reason McSteamy came to Seattle. It wasn't Addison. It was McDreamy. All his life McSteamy has wanted to be like McDreamy but he doesn't know how. So he came to Seattle to observe and learn.

9. McSteamy can't help himself from flirting with Meredith. But did you get a glimpse of his face as he saw Meredith accepts Derek's introduction? He was crushed. There goes his best chance of changing, at least anytime soon. I have a feeling we're not done here yet.

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