Thursday, November 2, 2006

Grey's Anatomy S3ep6

1. Izzie nervous on her first day back was adorable. It's a good thing she came back when she did. Meredith clearly had no way of identifying with her patient, but Izzie did. She knew what the patient was going through and found the words to let her accept the help she needed. It also helped Meredith realize just a little of what Izzie is still going through.

2. Christina is taking over Burke. His board, his surgeries and even pre-empting his relationship with Bailey. And now Bailey knows, or at the very least, she's one step closer to figuring it out. Then what will happen to Christina? She's justifying her actions and decisions to a patient and it's only a matter of time before that particular house of cards comes down.

3. Embeth Davidtz was brilliant casting for Nancy. Her voice and her tone resonated with what's "typical" East Coast. But despite her snottiness, and being labeled McBitchy, she told Derek what he needed to hear. Now maybe finally, we'll see him move past all his issues with McSteamy and Addison.

4. Alex is so changing his specialty, and not just because McSteamy will ruin any chances he has at plastics. Alex is developing a passion for gyncecology and he can't keep himself away.

5. Can you imagine have two uteruses (uteri)? Does that mean she has two periods? It must if she's able to have a baby in each. I wonder if they're in sync with each other or if they happen at separate times. The PMS, bloating, cramps, sore breasts twice a month would be torture. Plus being pregnant for nine months, giving birth but still being pregnant for another month or two. That's just craziness. And it makes me feel extremely blessed that I only have one uterus.

6. Best scene of this episode: George and Meredith in the elevator. "I'll only be Christina for you if you be Izzie for me." A is for adorable! Their confidants are incapicitated because of the separate issues they're dealing with but George and Meredith still need to talk through their problems. So they turn to each other. I must say I'm so glad that they've moved past that mess from last season. I'm glad to see they are friends again.

7. Best line: "Maybe I should sleep with Burke" - Alex.

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