Saturday, November 25, 2006

Grey's Anatomy S3ep9

Sorry for the delay folks, with the holiday I didn't get a chance to see the episode until today. BTW - Gig'em Aggies!!! 12-7 over the Longhorns! A six-year streak finally broken. Okay, now back to your regularly scheduled program.\

1. I'm glad that Burke's secret didn't come out because they killed someone on the table. I was nervous it was going to come to that. And Burke and Christina broke up. So sad as I loved them together but it would never have worked long term.

2. Might we be seeing an Alex/Addison romance in the future? It would definitely seem that way, especially because of that lingering look. I'm not really on that bandwagon yet because only last week they brought up his feelings for Izzie. Maybe he'll finally realize he needs to change his specialty when they hook up?

3. Poor George. I hated to see him freak out on Izzie and Callie like that but the man had three major revelations in such a short period of time that he just couldn't process it all at once. I know if I had found out that the guy I was dating had slept with a sleazy hot girl, that the person I admired as a mentor and a friend had lied about his/her working abilities and was putting lives at stake and that my father had major cancer and heart problems, I would definitely be a bit on the snappy edge.

4. The blame game. It seems as if everyone somehow involved with Burke's hand/surgery is blaming everyone else while silently blaming themselves. It lends itself to a nasty situation.

5. Only 10 extra minutes, are you kidding me? The way the promo sounded I thought we were getting an extra hour. But only 10 minutes! I was disappointed.

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Hump Day Humor: Magic Pool

There were these three guys. They had been walking for 3 days and were very tired. They found a hotel, rented a room and went to sleep. Then, this old guy comes in out of nowhere, and says there is a magic pool just outside their hotel room. He tells them "Ok, you must jump off the diving board, and yell out what you wanna land in."

So the three guys go over to the pool. The first guy, a vegetarian, yells out "Bananas!" and lands in a pool of bananas. The second guy was money hungry and yelled out "Money!" and lands in a pile of money. The third guy jumps, when a bird shits on his head, and he yells "Oh Shit!"

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

More Harry Potter!!!

Can you handle the excitement? I know I can barely stand it!!

- E! Daily Ten has posted video of their
set report from OotP. It includes interviews with Dan Radcliffe, David Yates, Emma Thompson and shots of the Atrium at the Ministry.

- The teaser trailer is now
available in HD on Yahoo!

- Loads new set pictures available
here. I'd post them myself like before, but there's too many.

- And now for the biggie...HBO on Demand's
special preview of OotP is now available online! It's almost four minutes long and includes TONS new footage, behind-the-scenes stuff and interviews with Dan Radcliffe, David Yates and more. Please note that with the large quantity of new stuff, it could spoil the film for you. So if you want to save some surprises for next July, DON'T watch it! Consider yourself warned.

Monday, November 20, 2006


You can now go to the Happy Feet web site and see the teaser trailer for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Helena Bonham Carter looks awesome as Bellatrix!!! That was some wonderful casting.

HBO begins to show a sneak peek at OotP, beginning today through December 17. The previous lasts about 3 minutes and from reports it sounds familiar to the teaser trailer with new shots. I don't have HBO but will be on the lookout out for it online. Please pass it along if you find anything!

Also, the OotP web site is live. Check it out at

Friday, November 17, 2006

HP Movie 5 and Book 7 news

Lots of Harry Potter news this week.

Online stores have begun to take pre-orders for Book 7. And Barnes & Noble will be posting a sign for 40% for members if they pre-order. Although JK's official representative has said that writing is going well and the pre-orders don't mean anything, maybe it's a sign that we'll be getting something more a title? It might be wishful thinking but it's all I got.

December 1-3 ABC Family will be playing the first three Harry Potter movies, including the premiere of the extended version of PoA. Here's a clip of the commercial promoting the HP weekend with some scenes from OotP stating that during the weekend, they'll take an "exclusive look" at OotP.

Also, OotP trailer will be available via satellite feed November 20 9-9:15 p.m. EST and November 21 6-6:15 p.m. EST. The coordinates for both feeds: IA 6, Transponder 11, C-Band - DL Freq: 3920.000 (V) - Audio: 6.2/6.8 == I'm sure a copy will be online shortly afterward.

USA Today has published an
article with Dan Radcliffe in today's issue including new pictures from OotP.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Grey's Anatomy S3ep8

1. Teeny porny scenes in this episode. Bookended at both ends like the episode with McSteamy in bed. Wish McSteamy was in the porny scenes. It would've made them better.

2. I think I prefer dark and twisty Meredith to bright and shiny. She's even more annoying bright and shiny, and I didn't think that was possible.

3. George is right. Modest doesn't look right on Christina. But then the guilt she's carrying has been such a burden she's so stressed she's going to break soon. And it looks like next week might be it, or at least a big step in that direction.

4. This case with the girl that got run over by her nanny, and she constantly asks for her nanny and not her mom was a perfect case for Meredith and Miranda to work on together. Meredith still has mommy issues. They've been glossed over all season because first there was the triangle and then McDreamy had to get through his issues. And now that that part is sealed up, we can focus on the mommy issues. And Miranda as a new mom struggles with the guilt of leaving her baby for a job she loves and is good at. I don't envy her position. That's got to be one of the hardest decisions to make in a lifetime. You want to do what's right for your kid but you also need to be sure you're taking care of yourself in the process.

5. I have never heard a man call his pecs "twins" before. I've called my own breasts twins, I've heard men call other women's breasts twins, but never a man call his own (or for that matter another man's). I found hilarious! And the whole talking in third person thing is rather annoying if the person is being serious. But if they're joking around about it, it actually seems like it'll be fun. Like with Izzie and Alex. Plus it's a way to distance yourself from the conversation if you have to say or do something that you don't quite have the courage to do but should only be used in light situations.
6. Best line/scene of the episode: "This is why I don't work with interns" Sloane - when he sees Izzie with one hand on Alex's pec and one hand on the pec of the patient.

7. Looks like Callie, Addison & Miranda are the older and wiser version of Meredith, Izzie and Christina. I admit, I like that the three of them (the former) are all friends. It's nice to see Callie with friends. It makes her a little less creepy.

8. And Alex finally admits he still has feelings for Izzie. I am liking Alex more and more with each episode. I love the story arc they've put him on and I really hope we see him change specialties.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix poster

The first official promotional poster for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix has been release by Warner Bros.

The first theatrical trailer for OotP will be shown in front of Happy Feet which premieres nationwide tomorrow. It's reported running time is 54 seconds and is rated PG. No news for when it will be released online (although I'm sure it will show up). So if you happen to find it, please pass it along.

OotP will be released July 13, 2007.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Thursday, November 9, 2006

Grey's Anatomy S3ep7

1. "Where the Boys Are" - Where exactly are the boys? Let's take a brief look. Burke is desperately trying to hold onto everything he knows and while not revealing his secret. Alex is at a crossroads, having been told last week by McSteamy his career in plastics is over and denying to himself he just might be interested in gynecology. The Chief is stubborn and can't let go of the hospital refusing to think that it might just operate okay without him. Joe, well we don't see much of him and I think we've only seen Walter once, so those two are the only boys who are in a good place. George having finally figured out he wants Callie is having trouble finding a way to express that and get her back. McDreamy wants space. And McSteamy, he wants to change, but he doesn't know how. He followed a woman he might have loved in his own way to Seattle and now she doesn't want him. His best friend refuses to acknowledge him and he can't get a fresh start.

2. I loved Izzie's comparison of the boys' camping trip to the girls' slumber party. So true and I had never thought of it that way. But because it was a boys' "slumber party" there was a slap fight instead of a pillow fight. They fished instead of doing each other's hair and nails. And of course, they gossiped about the girls.

3. The Chief is so clueless! He really does get wrapped up so much in that hospital that he doesn't pay attention to anything else really. Although it was terribly cute when he was comparing his relationship with Adele to Joe and Walter and bonding with him.

4. Best scene: when McSteamy walks into the breakroom with Callie and Addison and it's extremely uncomfortable. Addison gets it quickly and McSteamy avoids eye contact. Well played all around!

5. Best line: "Are you too good for him," Dr. Bailey. "Yes, I mean no," Christina.

6. How ironic that the perkiest (and regular) character on the show is annoyed by uber-perky Sydney. Or maybe Sydney forces Izzie to face how she's really feeling while everyone else seems to abide by the unspoken rule of ignoring it,and that makes Izzie uncomfortable until she's actually ready.

7. How heartbreaking it must be to go through the pain and agony of childbirth only to deliver a baby who's already dead. Beautiful acting. And I loved the bonding between Addison and Callie. Two very strong women dealing with a case that could break anyone emotionally. And they were there for each other.

8. McSteamy had the perfect case for him. Here you have a man wanting to change who he is on the outside being operated on by a man who wants to change who he is on the inside. I firmly believe this is the real reason McSteamy came to Seattle. It wasn't Addison. It was McDreamy. All his life McSteamy has wanted to be like McDreamy but he doesn't know how. So he came to Seattle to observe and learn.

9. McSteamy can't help himself from flirting with Meredith. But did you get a glimpse of his face as he saw Meredith accepts Derek's introduction? He was crushed. There goes his best chance of changing, at least anytime soon. I have a feeling we're not done here yet.

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Lost S3ep6

13 weeks til more Lost! Anyone know of any support groups?

1. When Kevin first called Kate Monica, I thought she was in a long con. But I guess she really loved him. Question: is a marriage legal if you sign the license under an assumed name? I would guess no. I think she made her way to Sydney after she left Kevin. I was laughing out loud when the priest was talking about "what you see is what you get" with Monica/Kate. Irony. What a beautiful thing. I like that the Lost writers can inject bits of humor in the show, otherwise it would be just too intense.

2. Speaking of humor, you just gotta love Sawyer's line "How was your day honey?" You can always count on Sawyer to provide a nice one-liner to break up the tension.

3. With Sayid and Locke facing off in tonight's episode, I think a power struggle among the Survivors is inevitable. With Jack gone, it makes the most sense. And why it didn't happen until now, at first the Suriviors were trying to figure out what happened at the Hatch and then if there were survivors. Then they were chasing after Eko, twice. There wasn't time for a power struggle but now there is especially since the chaos of the Hatch implosion seems to have died down a bit.

4. When Kate broke out and opened the door to Sawyer's cage, why didn't the alarm sound? If I'm not mistaken when Carl escaped in the first episode, an alarm was going off. So why not this time? Did the Others turn it off for a reason? Trying to give Pickett a reason to kill Sawyer? He seems to have fixated on Sawyer for a reason I can't gather. I get his wife died and was shot by a Survivor. But it wasn't Sawyer. Why take that much rage out on Sawyer? Unless he just doesn't like his attitude. He is the kind of guy you love to hate and hate to love.

5. Speaking of Kate and Sawyer's steamy scene (woohoo, I was right!), did anyone else notice Kate's armpits sans hair? They've been on the island, what, 71 days? And she's managed to maintain armpit hair management? That doesn't seem realistic. I mean the guys have scruff. Okay so the Hatch's bathroom more than likely had a razor and she could have shaved there. However, it's been probably a week, give or take a couple days, since she was last there. And I don't know about the rest of you, but if I stopped shaving my armpits for a week they wouldn't look that clean shaven. But I guess the scruff is more attractive to women that hairy armpits are to men.

6. When Alex was asking to talk to Ben, and then Ben asked about her before surgery, it got me to thinking: the Others took Alex away from Rousseau when she was a child and her dad was dead. I think there's a distinct possibility that Ben is a sort of surrogate father for her. Which would make the case for her being a Rebel very weak, if a group of Rebels do exist.

7. Does anyone remember that story Jack told Kate on the first day at the beach? I can't remember for the life of me. Crap!

8. I think this show was a little lacking in the cliffhanger. It did not leave me with an angry or upset feeling because they ended and we don't know what happens to Sawyer, Kate and if Jack continues to save (or not) Ben's life. But I'll give it a break because it is only the "fall finale". BTW - I heard that in episode 8 we'll see Cindy and the kids from the tail section and what's been happening to them since they were kidnapped.

9. ABC is getting sneaky, very sneaky. Putting Lost sneak peeks on Daybreak to try to get people to watch it. The show doesn't interest me at all. I didn't like Groundhog Day or Tru Calling. So if anyone sees those clips online, please pass them along.

10. Mark your calendars: February 7! 16 weeks, all new!!!

Hump Day Humor: The Blonde Gambler

First, I totally forgot about this post last week. For any of you who care, I hope you can forgive me.


Two bored casino dealers are waiting at the craps table. A very attractive blonde woman from Alabama arrived and bet twenty-thousand dollars ($20,000) on a single roll of the dice.
She said, "I hope you don't mind, but I feel much luckier when I play topless." With that, she stripped to the waist; rolled the dice; and yelled, "Come on, baby.... Southern Girl needs new clothes!"

As the dice came to a stop, she jumped up and down... and squealed... "YES! YES! I WON! I WON!" She hugged each of the dealers... and then picked up her winnings and her clothes, and quickly departed.The dealers stared at each other dumfounded. Finally, one of them asked, "What did she roll?" The other answered, "I don't know... I thought you were watching."

Moral ---
Not all Southerners are stupid.
Not all blondes are dumb.
But, all men..... are men.


Bonus: Check out this hilarious blog on
tipping from Scott Adams, author of Dilbert

Thursday, November 2, 2006

Grey's Anatomy S3ep6

1. Izzie nervous on her first day back was adorable. It's a good thing she came back when she did. Meredith clearly had no way of identifying with her patient, but Izzie did. She knew what the patient was going through and found the words to let her accept the help she needed. It also helped Meredith realize just a little of what Izzie is still going through.

2. Christina is taking over Burke. His board, his surgeries and even pre-empting his relationship with Bailey. And now Bailey knows, or at the very least, she's one step closer to figuring it out. Then what will happen to Christina? She's justifying her actions and decisions to a patient and it's only a matter of time before that particular house of cards comes down.

3. Embeth Davidtz was brilliant casting for Nancy. Her voice and her tone resonated with what's "typical" East Coast. But despite her snottiness, and being labeled McBitchy, she told Derek what he needed to hear. Now maybe finally, we'll see him move past all his issues with McSteamy and Addison.

4. Alex is so changing his specialty, and not just because McSteamy will ruin any chances he has at plastics. Alex is developing a passion for gyncecology and he can't keep himself away.

5. Can you imagine have two uteruses (uteri)? Does that mean she has two periods? It must if she's able to have a baby in each. I wonder if they're in sync with each other or if they happen at separate times. The PMS, bloating, cramps, sore breasts twice a month would be torture. Plus being pregnant for nine months, giving birth but still being pregnant for another month or two. That's just craziness. And it makes me feel extremely blessed that I only have one uterus.

6. Best scene of this episode: George and Meredith in the elevator. "I'll only be Christina for you if you be Izzie for me." A is for adorable! Their confidants are incapicitated because of the separate issues they're dealing with but George and Meredith still need to talk through their problems. So they turn to each other. I must say I'm so glad that they've moved past that mess from last season. I'm glad to see they are friends again.

7. Best line: "Maybe I should sleep with Burke" - Alex.

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Lost S3ep5

1. Okay so I was way wrong. Eko died - seriously?!?! We don't even know why he was in Sidney going to LA. So now we don't get to find that out. And the survivors have lost some major strength that was on their side and another tracker. But he was apparently building the church on the island to make it up to his brother. And if his "brother" wasn't his brother, who was he? The black cloud in corporeal form? That black cloud sounds like it's a machine. It's not making any sense. Maybe that black cloud has something to do with why The Others are there. They're somehow supposed to be harnassing and controlling what seems to be, I don't think supernatural is the right word but hopefully you're getting my point.

2. The Others apparently follow the (I think it's Asian in general) custom of wearing white to funerals. And not just white but matching outfits. Is anyone else beginning to think it's some kind of cult?

3. "Don't mistake coincidence for fate" Locke to Desmond. Man I love Locke - believing they're on the island for specific reasons. It adds a whole other level to the show that it wouldn't be the same without.

4. I laughed out loud when Jack told Ben he didn't believe in mysteries. Here we have a show entirely built on mysteries and one of the main characters doesn't believe in them. Irony

5. So The Others can figure out that Juliet bears a resemblance to Sarah. But they can't get the latest technology. They have TVs, computers, VHS but those are all really, really dated. But I guess they don't have a neighborhood Best Buy from which to buy the big screen HD TVs or DVD players or Macs.

6. The guy with the eyepatch was scary. Is he an Other? Or part of the Dharma Initiative? Or something else entirely? For now I'm going to go with Other.

7. The most intriguing part of this episode was Juliet's "movie". What exactly has Ben done that would cause a revolution? He's not exactly winning any Mr. Congeniality awards but he's clearly a leader of some sorts. And who else is part of this mini-revolution? Pickett (sp?), Tom, Carl? Is that why Carl was being held in that other cage across from Sawyer? Ben discovered some treason within the ranks? Is Alex apart of that? She seemed to be close to Carl and she helped Claire to escape. It doesn't seem fair that after next week we have to wait another 13 weeks before we get new Lost episodes and hopefully some answers that they've been promising.

8. Did you see the steamy scenes with Sawyer and Kate for next week? H-O-T, HOT! Although it's the last one for a while, I can't wait!

Lost Tonight!

A character is going to die tonight! A member of the regular cast too, not an extra or guest star. My money is on Sayid or Charlie. From what I hear about Naveen Andrews, he doesn't like to be typecast and likes to keep his options open. This could translate into Sayid being killed. Although, he still has at least one story thread untied: his old girlfriend from Iraq is still alive. Or, Charlie. Charlie isn't essential to any story plot currently going on and doesn't really have any open story threads. Although you could make the same arguement about Hurley. But I don't think the writers would kill off Hurley considering how popular he is among fans. So, Sayid or Charlie. Anyone who has a chance to see this before the show airs tonight, I'd love to hear your thoughts and/or predictions.