Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Lost S3ep4

1. Sawyer backstory this week - YAY! The last scene of his backstory when they revealed that he was working with the authorities to find where the $10 million was to get his prison sentence dropped made me doubt that he has a daughter. It's entirely possible because let's face it: he's a man whore. And statistically it's amazing he doesn't have 4 children running around - but if those authorities are anywhere near as smart as The Others, it wouldn't surprise me at all to find out they had used that as a motivator. Although I admit it would make me so sad that he would be so generous as to give his commission to her and her not be his.

2. Ben has a lot of strength for such a little man. At least it seemed that way when he was throwing Sawyer around pre-bunny.

3. Who's loving Desmond's ESP or future visions or whatever they are? I know I am. I cannot wait to find out that particular story line. In the midst of this last week, I realized my initial thought on this was wrong (that he had somehow travelled to the future). It's so much more than that. Did being at the core of the hatch explosion (or implosion) give him seeing powers? What is it exactly that he sees? Can he channel it? Oh, I hope these are questions they answer.

4. Ben says to Sawyer after the supposed pacemaker that they aren't killers. So what the hell are they?!?! What is their purpose on the island? I know these are questions that we've had from the beginning of even the idea of The Others, but it seems as if we are getting more questions than answers on that particular front.

5. When Kate was changing and Sawyer's heart monitor went off, it had to have been the cutest thing. And I'm sorely disappointed that she "only said that [I love him] to stop [Danny} from hitting him." I'm hoping she just said that to keep Sawyer from knowing how much she cares. After all, he refuses to let her know how much he cares about her. And they're so much alike, is it so hard to wager a guess that she'd take the same strategy? Oh, I hope I'm right!

6. Jack's back in his element in the O.R. "Time of death..." It's almost as if he hasn't spent more than 2 months on an island. Immediately recognizing a tumor - is it Ben's? I would bet either his or Tom's (the gay guy, I think that's his name). And where in the world did The Others manage to get the medical instruments and supplies? What kind of experiment has a stocked O.R.? Or maybe they were doing experimental surgeries?

7. The Others are so freaking smart I can't get over it. They've managed to not only get all this information and take stock of each survivor's personality and character, they know how to reach each one of them. And the best way to reach Sawyer, not through threat of violence or death, but through threat of violence or death for the one thing he cares about: Kate. If she ends up with Jack, I'm going to be so mad at them for all the set-up.

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