Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Lost S3ep3

1. Yay for Locke! Aside from Sawyer, my favorite character in the show, although not as fun to look at. Granted he's good looking for his age. I just prefer the chiseled abs, long hair and Southern accent of Sawyer. But I digress. I adore Terry Quinn, I think he's a great actor and was sad to see him leave Alias but am so glad it was for Lost because Locke wouldn't be near as much fun if someone else played him.

2. What better way to get someone to listen than have them not talk! Literally not talk! They can't do anything but listen. Brilliant! And I'm so glad to see Locke has his faith in the island back. A 'lost' Locke was seriously not as fun.

3. Yay for Boone being back! The best line of the whole episode "You'll speak when you have something worth saying". Now if that could only apply in the real world. I know my life would be considerably less frustrating.

4. The sequence in the airport where Locke is listening to the island/Boone was so beautifully shot. It kinda reminded me of the video from The Ring, you know the one that if you watched it a week later you died because the girl came out of the TV. Anyway, it was perfect.

5. That hatch hole was huge! How did they come out alive?

6. So Desmond in Hurley's t-shirt reminded me of when my sister and I were younger and we'd wear big t-shirts with belts and make them dresses. Nice legs Desmond!

7. Desmond has somehow gone into the future or came back. Or somehow there's two Desmonds running around. How the hell does that work?

8. At the beginning of this episode I was actually wondering out loud where and when Rodrigo Santoro would make his appearance. Then at the end I got my answer. He's on the beach with the rest of the survivors. Paolo. Not many lines in this episode but considering he's part of the main cast means we must get more screen time with this Brazilian beauty.

9. Scenes for next week: Does Kate finally admit she loves Sawyer? Eek! 7 days to go!

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