Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Lost S3ep2

1. So why are Sawyer and Kate doing the hard labor while Jack sits beneath an aquarium in the "Hydra"? Could it be that The Others believe that Jack after a period of time and convincing will do whatever it is that they want or need from him? Maybe. Are they hoping to weaken Jack by keeping him away from his friends and thus stopping him from fulfilling his self-appointed goal of "fixing everything"? Well there's definitely another purpose for Sawyer and Kate besides clearing rocks. But I can't tell what yet. Also, does Hydra refer back to the mythological figure? There's got to be more to this post than we know.

2. How could Sawyer be so naive as to not think that The Others are monitoring them? Even if he had a tough time believing they had working technology such as surveillance cameras, how could he not think or realize that people could be out in the jungle listening to their conversations and reporting back? Or maybe that's part of Sawyer's plan. But he's too transparent for that kind of cunning. Well, either way he's going to have to learn fast.

3. Okay, who's surprised that Sun had an affair? Please raise your hands. I definitely did not. I suspected the little devious woman of foul play from the moment she started bullying her husband the way he does her. Actually maybe before when the flashback showed her father's disposition. She had to have inherited some of that vicious personality. Obviously, no one here believes he jumped from the balcony on his own free will. Someone else was there. But who? Sun or her father? Right now, I'm leaning towards Sun. We definitely know she's capable of shooting someone.

4. What happened between Juliet and Ben? Where they married (or the island sense of married)? They were obviously involved in a more personal way than just work. Way too much friction between them not to be. Maybe he cheated on her. Left her for a younger woman. Admittedly, I thought it was Connie at first. But then she was kissing that other guy, I believe she said his name was Denny (or Kenny? Lenny?). Something like that. I'd rewatch it but I need to get some sleep at some point. Anyway, something definitely more personal happened.

5. Alex, clearly she might end up as the survivors saving grace. She certainly saved Claire and Aaron. Does she know her mom is still alive? Why did she not integrate into The Others society as, well, the others? And what's her relation to Carl?

6. During the 1st season, when Jack and his dad both mentioned "and that's why the Red Sox will never win the World Series" I was screaming at the TV "Think again suckers!" And now Ben has showed Jack that the impossible is possible. That when you're down 3 games in a 7 game series, you can come back and win four games in a row and then another four games in a row to clinch the title. Not surprised that Jack didn't believe him at first. 86 years is a long time to build up the cynicism and disbelief. But Jack, the impossible is always possible.

7. Skater - I'm definitely a Skater, in case you couldn't tell by now. And that kiss, H-O-T, HOT! The smile he gives Kate after the kiss, so cute with the crinkle in his eyes and the dimples in his cheeks. Of course, he was just using her to weigh in on the guards and with Sawyer you always have to go deeper, sometimes way deeper, than surface level to see what you're actually getting. But it's my personal belief that he was just killing two birds with one stone.

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