Sunday, October 29, 2006

iPod Drama Finale

It seems I haven't kept you guys up-to-date on my iPod drama. As you may remember from my last post on this topic, I had gone to the Apple store and found out that the hard drive on my iPod was dead and my options were limited. Well, shortly after that my mom reminded me that when they had purchased the iPod, they had also bought a product replacement plan from Best Buy. Where Apple has a one year warranty, Best Buy's replacement program was for two years. And I was within that latter time period. So after some time spent dealing with Best Buy, they sent me a gift card loaded with the price of my iPod and the sales tax. Well, yesterday I finally made the trip to Best Buy to buy my second iPod. I bought the 30G video model and, of course, the product replacement plan which has been extended to 3 years. I know some of you might be wondering why I would buy another iPod with a hard drive considering what happened to my last one, why I wouldn't buy the Nano that has a thumb drive. Well, the Nano isn't big enough for me, both in physical and digital size. I think the 30G holds something like 7,500 songs and I forget how many pictures and videos. Wow! Last year when Apple announced the video iPods, I couldn't understand why anyone would want to watch videos on that small screen, but after playing with mine, the resolution and clarity is amazing and I'm hooked! After all this, I still think Steve Jobs is an ass, brilliant but an ass all the same. Thus ends my iPod drama; well, at least until this one craps out on me.

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