Thursday, October 19, 2006

Grey's Anatomy S3ep5

1. McSteamy & Callie in bed together - GROSS! Glad to see that at the end of the episode he was back in bed with Addison. Although bookending the episode with scenes of McSteamy in bed was a great idea! They should do a show of just him in a bed or a towel. I'm not picky.

2. Izzie with a smile. Yes! They timed that perfectly. One more episode and I would have been so frustrated with her. Although her broken record of "I'm fine" reminded me a bit too much of Meredith from last year. If she had continued that past this episode I might have been forced to write her off as well.

3. M&M...what the heck does that stand for? One of those M's has to be malpractice. Murder & Malpractice? Can't be. Muffins & Malpractice, hardly. Interesting scene though. Loved Miranda's line "You don't get to feel better about this and neither do I"

4. Apparently the threat to call someone's mother works even when you're a doctor

5. Burke was so close to doing the right thing! The surgery tonight might have gone well (and that was only because Christina stepped up; Burke was not about to admit a weakness, even to Christina) but it's only a matter of time before someone dies on Burke's table because of his tremor or the truth comes out or both. If only the Chief hadn't opened his big mouth and made Burke feel guilty and that he'd be letting everyone down! Grrr!

6. I love the wacky cases. It's like House but with humor, well most of the time. That pole through two people and the live bomb in the guy last year wasn't that funny. But the daughter of the previously married couple walking in and seeing them in a , er, comprised position was just the cherry on top of an already delicious ice cream sundae.

7. Alex admitted his responsibility in Denny's death and Izzie leaving the program! Growth is Alex and I'm loving it. I'm even more convinced he'll be changing his specialty.

8. Meredith's timing stinks telling McDreamy and I'm so excited. One less episode of them together. Yay! And it looks like they won't be together at least for the majority of next week's too. Woohoo!

9. Miranda hesitated over a problem with a patient that last year she would have taken care of when she was admitted. It broke my heart that she lost her confidence in her abilities as a doctor. But thanks to the Chief, she got it back in time. And put that jackie of a doctor in his place.

10. Best line of the episode: "Oh my god, I mean code blue!"

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