Thursday, October 12, 2006

Grey's Anatomy S3ep4

What an amazing episode!

1. So much happened in one scene in such quick succession that when the commercials broke in, I sat stunned for a minute. The tension among Meredith, Derek and Addison, straight to the realization that McSteamy is working at Seattle Grace, immediately following which Meredith throws up and people assume she's pregnant, after which a patient blows up his own face. Holy crap! These writers have got to be some of the most brilliant people in TV. What a fantastic scene :-)

2. I've finally found a Meredith I can stand: stoned Meredith! She was hilarious. Up front and honest about everything. From what happened with George to spilling the name McSteamy to the hunk himself. "Dr. Bailey, all my boyfriends are here." So classic. George was so cute when he got embarrassed and all flustered like. Now if only she'd stay stoned throughout the life of the show, I'd be really happy.

3. Christina & Burke - denial is more than a river in Egypt! These two are going to cause serious harm if not actually kill patient(s). What the hell do they think they are doing? At first I thought Christina's determination to stay with Burke while he practice was cute but not anymore. Not when she offers to pick up his slack and say no one has to know. Someone will know and then you're in even bigger trouble. And I could have slapped her when Burke was saying being a surgeon is who he is. Undoubtedly, it is a part, but it is not all of him. Now maybe he doesn't know who he is without being a surgeon, it's a strong possibility. I'm beginning to accept that Christina may love him more for being a great surgeon rather than for him. So I've come to the belief that their days as a couple are numbered which saddens me.

4. Is Alex going to be changing specialties? It certainly seems like that's the direction he's headed in. Especially after he realizes his hero is a huge jerk (more on that in a bit), gynecology isn't so bad and Addison may actually be a decent doctor/person. I'd love to see this character grow in that direction. Alex can't stop being a complete jerk I mean after all that's part of who he is. But I'd love to see him grow his softer side and maybe be a good doctor with a little less ego.

5. That scene with Meredith and Addison was incredible and so touching. "I don't hate you." shows that Addison has accepted that the state of her marriage (or lack thereof) is partly her fault and almost none the fault of Meredith's. Growth, I love it!

6. I was so glad to see that Izzie has received closure. And the next episode looks like she's doing a lot better. She actually made it into the hospital even if it is to clean out her locker. How hard it must be to tell the parents of the man you loved that you killed him. Although we never actually got to see her say those words to Denny Sr. Such a shame, I would have liked to have seen it. Oh and when I saw the check of $8.7 million I think my exact words were "Holy shit!"

7. Finn is the better man! And although she chose McDreamy, at least he realized that. Goodbye Finn, I'll miss you

8. My personal competition between Burke and McSteamy: Burke lost a little ground this week because he makes the easier, less moral decision to not tell anyone that he shouldn't be operating. You could argue that making a less moral decision is not necessarily good cause to lose good faith. And I would answer that when you take the Hippocratic Oath and are responsible for people's lives, you don't get that chance. McSteamy didn't move either direction because he acted like an ass and it was still hot. So, if you're keeping track, that puts McSteamy slightly ahead of Burke.

9. Now my favorite part of this episode: Dr. Bailey. Throughout the episode she represented truth. With Addison it was "no man defines who you are." With the patient and his wife (who by the way was about to drive me nuts with the "but he's a salesman and he has such a nice face"!) it was "it's not about what you look like, or your job, or how successful you are. it's about having people in your life who you love and who love you. that's all that matters". Where was she when Burke was struggling with who he is? She would have smacked some sense into him since Christina is incapable of it!


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