Thursday, October 5, 2006

Grey's Anatomy S3ep3

1. Super Megan. What a terrible thing it would be to go through life and not feel any pain. I know what you're thinking. Why would I want to experience pain when it hurts so freakin much! Pain and being able to distinguish it as pain is what makes us human. It's what helps us to grow. So yes, I feel sorry for people are incapable of feeling it. They are missing out on one of the most incredible emotions.

2. I don't really love the way Christina tried to help Burke at the end. It was so rough and harsh. But that's Christina. And turning her into a big mush mess would be worse.

3. Finn and McDreamy. Why can't they just act like grown men? Ruining each other's date like that. Meredith will make her decision (McDreamy) when she's ready and all of the bribing and snide comments won't change her mind. But I guess in a pissing contest they never are grown men.

4. I'm glad Izzie didn't make it back in the hospital yet. The third episode just seemed to soon for her to be going back to work. And she looks a lot homelier but that's understandable considering what she's been through.

5. Cally (sp?) gets on my nerves. I get that she really likes George. But she's just creepy.

6. That guy with the brain surgery was heart breaking when he couldn't remember his son's name. I was actually saying cup out loud when he was trying to say it.

7. McSteamy as a regular cast member is a dream come true. Only now I'm completely torn. Burke or McSteamy? Right now they're both tied as McSteamy isn't backing down from what he want but Burke is so sad recovering from surgery. Stay tuned during the season to see who wins.

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