Thursday, September 28, 2006

Grey's Anatomy S3ep2

1. Why are they dragging out this love triangle of Meredith, Finn and McDreamy? We all know she's going to pick McDreamy. Just get the agony over with already. Maybe this is really annoying me because she annoys me...

2. I love Burke's mom and specifically how she tells Christina what she needs to hear! Thank you sista! Christina is selfish, and if she wants to keep Burke (or rather I want them to stay together), she is going to have to grow up. And hopefully, we saw the first steps toward that when she called him...Preston. :-)

3. The guy with the brain tumor...hilarious. Esp when he told McDreamy to mount Meredith right there. OMG! They do make eyes at each way too much.

4. Grey's definitely doesn't disappoint with the medical cases. They continue to be oddball...kid with a tree through his gut. Definitely a good thing I don't work in the medical field.

5. I wonder how long Torrez lived in the hospital before the Chief found her. I wonder why should moved into the hospital in the first place. I know she told George something about being closer to work and possibly another reason which I can't remember. But can you imagine the drama if it was something else like she's a homeless psycho who is squatting in the hospital and decided to pretend being a doctor?

6. Bailey and Izzie's moment of reconciliation. I absolutely adore those times when we get to see the softer side of Miranda. And this one didn't disappoint.

7. Okay so on the whole, I thought this episode was lacking something from last week's. It didn't seem as good. And then the bathroom door opened in Addison's hotel room and out strolls McSteamy! Let's pause here for a fantasy. *Hhhhhmmmm McSteamy!* I curse the inventor of bath towels! Darn you! *Shakes fist* They were so close to getting the money shot, and you denied me! I shall have my revenge Mr. Towel Inventor Guy!!!! BTW - The show is paused on my TiVo when he's standing there with his right hip exposed. I can't seem to get enough. It's a safe bet that this episode will remain on my TiVo for a long time solely for this scene.

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