Saturday, July 22, 2006

Thoughts for Today

Women and aging gracefully.
I was in this meeting the other day with a very prominent public relations professional in Dallas named Stan. Now Stan's been in the game for a long time so it's safe to assume he's in his early to mid 60s. His wife helped him start his firm back in the day. So it's also safe to assume that's she's not exactly a young'un either. Well when she walked in towards the back end of the meeting I was stunned. She looked younger than I had expected. But as soon as I saw her hands I realized what the buggaboo was. She definitely had a face lift and/or botox. Not to mention her lips. They were definitely Goldie Hawn lips. But her hands gave her away. Why go through all the time and money of getting your face to look 20 years younger just to have you hands reveal your real age? Why can't some women realize that there is no shame in getting older: everyone does it.

Men and bald spots.
I have season tickets to the summer show at Bass Hall with my parents. At the show this week, there was a man who sat in front of us wearing the loudest shirt and sporting the worst combover I've ever seen. Bald or balding men can be sexy. But what is most definitely NOT sexy is a combover. I guess some men prefer to hide the fact that they're getting older too. That shame isn't limited to women.

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