Saturday, July 15, 2006

Steve Jobs is my least favorite person

My worst fears were confirmed today. I took my iPod into the Apple store today. And the guy at the Genius Bar said my harddrive is completely dead. So I have three options; actually I guess four.
» They can replace my iPod with the same model for $249.» I can give my iPod to the iPod Recycling program and receive 10 percent off of a new iPod of my choice.» I can try iPod Rescue, a non-Apple company that supposedly fixes iPods. The price I don't know yet.» I can either buy another brand of mp3 players or don't do anything.

My complaint with all of this is the iPod Recycling program. I don't have a problem with the actual recycling, in fact I think that's pretty brilliant. It's the discount, well not the discount itself but the amount of the discount. I buy an iPod and spend several hundred dollars on the Apple product. It dies on me and, let's say, I decide to buy a new one. I'm staying loyal to the Apple brand and participating in the recycling program. Why shouldn't I get a bigger discount for being such a loyal customer? It's a crock of shit. I understand that Apple is a for-profit company, but they can afford to give a little bigger discount for customers returning to the Apple family.

The good news though: the Genius behind the Bar didn't think it was the AM/FM transmitter that caused my harddrive to die. In his words, they're destined to die at some point. He doesn't believe the transmitter caused it in anyway. I'll still be wary of using it again (if I ever get another iPod), but it's still good to know!

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