Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Severus Snape

There are so many things I want to discuss about Harry Potter. With limited time and funds, I thought Id try to post a few blogs on some of the theories Ive heard.

*I suggest that youve read all six released books or you might have some plot lines spoiled for you. Youve been warned.*

Severus Snape. Hes the character we all love to hate. Hes extremely complex and thats what makes him so interesting. Is he evil? Is he good? Did he have a plan with Dumbledore that required Snape to Avada Kedavra him and Dumbledore didnt let Harry in on the secret? Im not going to attempt to say that Snape is either evil or good (because personally Im still on the fence). What I do think is that Snape is in it for himself, and weve only been told part of the story. We get the facts through the Harry-filter (the story is told from Harrys point of view so his assumptions are our assumptions and his opinions are ours). Jo is brilliant at this particular tactic. She waves a piece of information in front of us as fact through Harry and we are thrown off what is actually the truth. For example, why exactly did Dumbledore trust Snape so explicitly? We all know the answer Dumbledore told Harry: Snape felt sorry that his actions caused the deaths of Lily and James. But think about this: Snape and James hated each other; it was a mutual hatred. So, why would Snape regret his actions? Some will say that maybe he wasnt all bad and felt sorry especially considering that James saved his life. However, I still believe that despite these arguments it is not a strong enough reason for Dumbledore to trust Snape so much. Which brings us to the obvious question: why did Dumbledore trust Snape? I honestly, have no idea. Hopefully, this is one of many questions that will be answered in the seventh, and final *sob*, book.

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