Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Bloody Apple!!!!

Bloody Apple!!! My iPod is acting up again. This morning, after a person on the train rudely woke me up to ask me to turn it down when she was talking loudly, Austen (my iPod) starting pausing in the middle of a song and then moving on to the next one (that is without finishing the initial song). Ugh!!!! Luckily, I got it fixed by the time I got to my office, or so I thought. This afternoon on my trek back across the Metroplex, it started doing it again when I was trying to listen to Blue October's Foiled. So I switched to Dashboard Confessional. Things were going smoothly. Then again with the skipping songs while listening to Dashboard Confessional. So I tried my previous methods for fixing it but to no avail. And now, once again, Austen is wiped blank. Double Ugh!!!!!